Facial Cleansing Gel with Strawberry Tree


Hàli – Delicate Facial Cleansing Gel

Moisturizing and anti-pollution treatment

Facial rinse-off cleanser with Extract of Sardinian Strawberry Tree. It has moisturizing and anti-pollution activity, for normal to combination skin. With just one gesture, it cleanses and balances facial skin, respecting the NMF and the hydro-lipidic barrier. Thanks to the presence of only natural surfactants, it can be used even for ultrasensitive skins.The delicate floral fragrance ensures a pleasant cleansing sensation.

Enriched with:
Strawberry Tree Extract
Moringa Extract
Coconut Sugars

Available formats: 200 ml – 100 ml


Travel Line - Tonic Water with Strawberry Tree of Sardinia

Our cosmetics are made in Sardinia, which is one of the so-called Blue Zones, land areas where quality and expectancy of life are higher than the rest of the world. Our formulations are studied to reduce the risk of allergies and to be dermatologically safe with percentages of Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt less than 0,0001% (1ppm). Moreover, our cosmetics respect the environment because they use natural and eco-friendly ingredients, , entirely cruelty-free that means not tested on animals.

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Sardinia Strawberry

Strawberry tree, a blaze of color

The Strawberry tree dominates the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub with its colors: the green of its leaves, the white of its flowers and the red of its fruits.

The leaves contain tannins, resins, gums, and arbutin. Arbutin is used in cosmetic formulations for its skin-depigmenting and -brightening activities and its ability of evening out the skin tone.
The fruits instead contain, beyond arbutin, a good amount of polysaccharides, pectins, flavonoids and vitamin E. These components represent fundamental protective factors against oxidative events that occur in the phospholipids of cellular membranes.

It shows essential purifying, refreshing, tonic and soothing properties.

Characterised by brightening activity due to its content in Arbutin.

It improves natural cellular defenses against pollutants, providing a delicate but effective cleansing. Beyond anti-pollution properties, it also boasts a proctetive activity against free radicals, anti-odour effect, conditioning and strenghtening activities on the hair.

Characterised by softening properties

Apply on wet skin, gently massage, then rinse thoroughly. Complete your cleansing with Tonic Water Eudermica.

Aqua, Glycerin, Rosa centifolia flower water, Lauryl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Disodium cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium chloride, Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Arbutus unedo leaf extract, Moringa pterygosperma seed extract, PCA glyceryl oleate, Citric acid, Caprylyl glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Polyglyceryl-6 oleate, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Sodium
dehydroacetate, Parfum, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Sodium phytate, Sodium surfactin, Glyceryl caprylate.

Formulato per ridurre i rischi di allergie
Dermatologicamente testato
Nikel, Cromo, Cobalto < 0,0001% (1ppm)

Formulated to reduce the risk of allergies
Dermatologically tested
Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt < 0,0001% (1ppm)

Complete your beauty treatment

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Day Cream for Normal skin with Strawberry Tree


Hàli – Day Face Cream

Moisturizing and anti-aging treatment for normal to combination skin

The Day Cream for Normal to Combination Skin with Strawberry Tree of Sardinia is a daily moisturizing facial treatment, which fills micro wrinkles, brightens and protects skin from cellular stress. It progressively gives brightness, tone, and hydration.
Characterised by a velvety texture, readily absorbable, it makes the skin silky to touch, thus contributing to keeping its youth.
Thanks to its actives, this cream protects face skin from ravages of time and environmental aggressions, thus delaying aging.

Enriched with:
Mimosa, Jojoba and Sunflower Waxes
Strawberry Tree EXtract
Cassia Angustifolia EXtract
Argan Extract
Vitamin E
Rice Bran Oil
Lenitsk Oil
UVA and UVB Filters

Available format: 50 ml

Face Gommage with Strawberry Tree


Hàli – Face Gommage

Exfoliating and brightening face scrub

Gentle Gommage with Strawberry Tree of Sardinia, characterised by an effective exfoliating action. It removes dead cells and impurities for smooth and silky skin. Formulated with Hazelnut and Almond granules, suspended in an emulsion rich in white clay with an adsorbent and purifying power.
It stimulates cutaneous microcirculation, providing a tonic, nourished and radiant skin.

Enriched with:
Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract
Strawberry Tree Extract
Macadamia Oil
Lentisk Oil
Shea Butter
Lemon Essential Oil

Available format: 50 ml

Tonic Water with Strawberry Tree


Hàli – Facial Softening Tonic Water

Tonic and revitalizing lotion

Tonic Water with Strawberry Tree Extract, enriched with a mix of phytoextracts and moisturizing actives which guarantee an intense softening, refreshing and soothing effect. This lotion completes and optimizes facial cleansing after the treatment with ours Milk and Gel. Not only, but it also represents a perfect solution for any time you desire an immediate skin comfort. Fresh, cleaned and soft, the skin will be ready to receive further beauty treatments better.

Enriched with:
Cornflower Water
Strawberry Tree Extract
Chamomile Extract

Available format: 200 ml – 100 ml

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