From Sardinia’s nature the products for the skin beauty of every woman.

Sardinian cosmetics - Natural beauty treatments for all skin types - Eudermica laboratories

In Sardinia beauty is everywhere.
In the scents of its crystalline sea, as well as in the inland panorama, in the colors of the blooming fields and in that of traditional garments, in the strength and vitality of its nature, as well as in the women’s eyes.

Sardinian women indeed are all along a recognized expression of a superb and proud beauty, which is disclosed in the deepness of their gazes and the brightness of their skin.
A beauty secret which comes from nature and today has found the formula to being revealed to every woman.
Beauty treatments of Eudermica Laboratories were born from the combination of nature and research, using medicinal plants typical of Sardinian Mediterranean scrub, for centuries recognized for their benefits: Helichrysum, Lentisk, and Strawberry tree.

Sardinian natural cosmetics, based on new and unique formulations, which gives the skin of every woman the beauty and vitality of our island.

Travel Line - Tonic Water with Strawberry Tree of Sardinia

Our cosmetics are 100% made in Sardinia, because designed and produced in Sardinia, which is one of the so-called Blue Zones, land areas where quality and expectancy of life are higher than the rest of the world. Our products are formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and to be dermatologically safe with percentages of Nickel, Chrome, and Cobalt less than 0,0001% (1ppm).
Moreover, our cosmetics respect the environment because they use natural and eco-friendly, entirely cruelty-free that means not tested on animals.


Natural cosmetics with
Sardinian Helichrysum Extract

The decongestant, softening, calming and photoprotective properties of Helichrysum in a line of natural body cosmetics, with innovative and effective formulations, ideals for every kind of skin.


Natural cosmetics with
Sardinian Lentisk Oil

Thanks to the renowned and appreciated refreshing, soothing and protective actions of Lentisk, the products of this line are perfect for both body and face skin.


Natural cosmetics with
Sardinian Strawberry Tree Extract

From the skin-depigmenting and brightening activities of Strawberry Tree and its ability of evening out the skin tone, here our Hàli cosmetics, studied for the face skin of every woman.