Hèssa Line
Natural cosmetics with Sardinian Lentisk Oil


Thanks to the renowned and appreciated refreshing, soothing and protective actions of Lentisk, the products of this line are perfect for both body and face skin.

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Thalasso Body Scrub with Lentisk Oil and Sea Salt of Sardinia


Hèssa – Thalasso Body Scrub

With Lentisk Oil and Sea Salt of Sardinia

Exfoliating and stimulating the cutaneous circulation. From the so-called “white gold” of Sardinia, comes this precious body scrub which combines the exfoliating action of the sea salt with the soothing power of Lentisk Oil, the emollient effect of Sesame and Macadamia Oils, and the stimulation of cutaneous circulation due to Ivy and Centella Extracts that re-oxygenate tissues, strengthen capillaries, and alleviate swellings and water retention. Free from dead cells, the skin can better take advantage of the active ingredients contained in the scrub, thereby revealing itself smooth, soft and revitalized. The delightful fragrance refines this authentic moment of pleasure.

Enriched with:
Sea Salt
Lentisk Oil
Macadamia Oil
Sesame Oil
Ivy Extract
Centella Extract

Available format: 500 ml

Soothing Cream with Lentisk


Hèssa – Face and Body Soothing Cream

Moisturizing and soothing treatment

Face and body soothing cream with Lentisk Oil of Sardinia.. Scented with the typical fragrance of the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub, thanks to its delicate and fast-absorbing texture, this cream gives immediate relief, soothing heat and itching sensations, and reestablishing cutaneous wellness. It represents the ultimate solution for sun-stressed skin or after dermatological treatments like peeling, laser or pulsed light hair removal.

Enriched with:
Aloe Juice
Calendula Extract
Chamomile Extract
Lentisk Oil

Available format: 150 ml

Nourishing Oil with Lentisk


Hèssa – anti-aging Nourishing Body Oil

Deep nourishing daily body and hair treatment

A combination of natural oils and Lentisk Oil of Sardinia, wisely selected and associated to vitamins A and E, makes this oil a unique product able to replenish skin and hair with the correct hydration and nourishment levels.
Skin is pleasantly soothed with immediate smoothness and elasticity. Particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skins.
Ideal as a moisturizing support treatment or as an alternative to the moisturizing body cream.

Enriched with:
Rice Bran Oil
Avocado Oil
Lentisk Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Macadamia Oil
Vitamin A
Vitamin E

Available format: 150 ml